Dry Ice Blasting
Midland – Odessa, TX

The use of chemicals to remove contaminants is not the best cleaning option. In fact, it poses human health and environmental risks. This is where WRS Ice Blasting comes into the picture.

Specializing in dry ice blasting in Midland and Odessa, TX, we offer you an effective, safe and eco-friendly solution for cleaning surfaces covered with mold, rust, barnacles, damaged by fire or chemicals. Simply put, our dry ice blasting services can help you get rid of unwanted substances and contaminants from any surface in the most effective and efficient way while delivering remarkable results.

Dry ice blasting in Midland and Odessa, TX is a safe cleaning method that uses soft and solid CO2 balls, approximately the size of sugar grains. These are then propelled toward targeted surfaces at supersonic speeds to quickly and safely remove contaminants. As a result, this freezes the contaminants and eliminates their adhesive qualities, while removing the pollutants. Although the CO2 balls are hard in appearance, they are non-abrasive in nature. Furthermore, the CO2 pellets then sublimate—vanish into the air and leave no secondary residue.

Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Solutions

This method presents the perfect solution for cleaning all types of printing presses that too without the need to move or disassemble them, thereby minimizing downtime and increasing production. It can remove ink, paper lint, built coatings and grease.

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    What Sets Us Apart?

    At WRS Ice Blasting, we have built our stellar market reputation based on our strong work ethics, quality of services and professionalism. Other factors that set us apart from others include:

    • Rich Industry Experience
      The perfect combination of our wealth of experience, expertise, access to state-of-the-art equipment and strong customer commitment enables us to offer you the best services at the most economical prices with satisfactory results.
    • A One-Stop Service Provider
      With us, you don’t have to go anywhere else. We are a one-stop service provider with capabilities to clean all types of surfaces across different industries. Furthermore, no matter what the scope, size or complexity of the cleaning job, we can take care of all your cleaning needs to your complete satisfaction.
    • Serve Clients with Integrity
      At WRS Ice Blasting, we serve our clients with integrity and transparency. We provide you with complete cost details so that there are no unpleasant surprises. Our work ethics have earned us the respect and trust of our clients.
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