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Being a full-service shop for all radiator repairs and replacement needs, Wayside Radiator welcomes all kinds of aluminum welding jobs, regardless of their scope and complexity. In addition to this, we also work on a wide range of metalwork projects, particularly custom aluminum builds, helping our clients find the right solution for their precise needs. Our custom-built aluminum products are extremely durable and can hold up in the toughest of conditions, ensuring you minimum downtimes and higher efficiency.

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Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

Diesel-powered machines and equipment produce a lot of soot that can cause a number of respiratory problems and increase an individual’s risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. In order to avoid the health-related hazards of using diesel fuels, the modern machines and cars use Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) that prevent the release of soot into the atmosphere. While DPFs are proven to reduce a machine’s carbon emissions by as much as 80%, buildup of soot can reduce their efficiency and impact the performance of the engine.

At Wayside Radiator, we offer Diesel Particular Filter cleaning services, helping our clients avoid the costs associated with dismantling and replacement of the DPF. Depending on the level of soot and the condition and age of filter, our DPF cleaning services can completely or partially restore the performance of your machine and contribute to your workplace productivity.

Why Clean Your Diesel Particulate Filter?

Diesel Particular Filters are one of the most expensive parts of an engine and their investment can cost thousands to your business. Wayside Radiator offers you a more feasible alternative to DPF replacement — DPF cleaning. We have state-of-the-art equipment required for the cleaning of diesel particulate filters of all makes and models.

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    What Sets Us Apart?

    Wayside Radiator is a leading provider of diesel particulate filter cleaning services in the Permian Basin, Odessa, and Midland, TX known for its commitment to use the latest available tools and technologies to ensure our clients the best results. When you opt for our services, we promise you:

    • Minimum downtime
    • Minimum unanticipated expenses
    • Optimal restoration of engine power and performance
    • Optimal fuel economy
    • Excellent customer service
    • Superior-quality services at fair rates

    Wayside Radiator stands out from its competitors due to the following reasons:

    • Excellent DPF Recovery — 95% of the DPF and DOC received by Wayside Radiator are cleaned without the need for cutting and re-welding the units.
    • State-of-the-Art Cleaning Technology — Using thermal regeneration, ultrasonic cleaning, air knife blasting, and other cleaning technologies, we are capable of cleaning DPFs of all makes and models.
    • Tangible Results — Wayside Radiator provides you with accurate flow measurements before and after the cleaning of a diesel particulate filter, so that you can ensure that your DPF has been cleaned according to the best industry standards and is capable of delivering the desired performance.
    To learn more about our diesel particulate filter cleaning services or to schedule an appointment with our experts, please call us at:

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